Original BG Movie by Felonious

This is the original Burial-Grounds movie that was created by Felonious. There is no official name for this video, it is however the prelude to the most popular Felonious Production, “Quake Fu“. Included in the original Burial-Grounds quake 3 video is a scene of utmost carnage on the custom quake 3 map Reassimilation – charon3dm3.

There are about 30 burial-grounds community members all gathered together on our Quake 3 server for what was to be a photo op, which quickly turned in to some of the most intense carnage on any one map at one time that I’ve ever seen. The raw footage from this carnage has been long lost, yet a small portion of it can be viewed here in Felonious’ burial-grounds tribute video.

This is well worth a watch, especially for Burial-Grounds.com old timers who will certainly recognize many of the players featured in the video. I’m including a download link to a zip file with the video included for anyone interested in keeping a copy for themselves. Enjoy!


Download the movie here:
Burial Grounds the Movie (108)

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