Chaos Awards Redux

award player Chaos Awards ReduxWhile digging through some old backup folders, I discovered a zip file with all of the old “Chaos Awards” that we awarded members of the burialgrounds community back in 2002. These little images were awarded to members for being the best at a particular weapon on the Quake 3 servers, or being helpful in the forums and/or servers. There were awards for best map, best mapper, biggest camper, most improved and even best overall player.

I’ve since long forgotten who recieved which awards, but that doesnt make these little images any less cool or memorable. I’m sure those who received them know who they are… including some oldtimers that are still lurking around here. Feel free to grab them and use them for anything you want. If you were an award winner, I’d love to see them in your sig in the forums! Some examples of the images are shown below with a link to a file to download them all in one zip.

Download here:
Chaos Awards Images (82)

award suicide Chaos Awards Reduxaward sportsman Chaos Awards Reduxaward smack Chaos Awards Reduxaward pinapple Chaos Awards Redux

award sig Chaos Awards Reduxaward member Chaos Awards Reduxaward harfrag Chaos Awards Reduxaward rail Chaos Awards Redux

award sneaky Chaos Awards Redux

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