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Help on Error msgs
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Author:  MelGibbsome [ Mon Mar 13, 2006 6:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Help on Error msgs

Anyone know what these mean? How to go about fixing them? I get a ton of these!

WARNING: idCollisionModelManagerLocal::ChopWindingWithBrush: primitive 308 more than 128 windings

WARNING: LinkTriToEdge: already in use centered at (-49.906,437.178,0)

WARNING: vertex with only one edge

WARNING: node without a volume - I used to get this one all the time in q3 but just ignored it.......seemed to come up whenever I used capped cylinders and deleted one or both caps or left a cap somewhere after deleting what i thought was the whole thing. I also think this came up back when i used to use csg subtract which i basically NEVER use now.

also is there a way to quickly find a brush or entity (like light 114) on the map if the error msgs dont give you a clue on where these problems are?


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