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64 Bit vs 32 Bit and Dual Core vs Dual Processors. Advice?
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Author:  bgclthe phr3ak [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 8:39 pm ]
Post subject:  64 Bit vs 32 Bit and Dual Core vs Dual Processors. Advice?

As I understand things, a dual core is essentially the same as dual processors, just in one chipset instead of two. Is this incorrect? If not, then I suppose the next question is in regards to cooling. Which is better for cooling? I would say dual core since it's one source of heat rather than two. (As a side, I'm looking at the possibility of a dual processor motherboard, but only putting one dual core chip in it for now. Pros and cons? )

As for the 64 bit vs 32 bit architectures. I have no idea where to even begin looking at this.
I do believe linux offers full support for 64 bit, but you need the professional XP to get it with Windows. This also leads to the question of gaming. Can 64 bit run 32 bit games without much lower performance than a 32 bit chip?

Which chipset should I be looking at? Holy smokes, there's a lot of choices these days.

Advice? Experences? The good, the bad and the ugly?

Author:  rhogue islander [ Wed Nov 16, 2005 12:46 am ]
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Phreaky-Poo, don't sweat 32 bit vs 64 bit for WinXP for now. Driver availability is limited and I don't think it's ready for primetime.

As for Intel vs AMD, go with Athlon 64 dual core. It is much faster at lower clock speeds and consumes less power/runs cooler. Single cores clock for clock are about 10% faster when running single cpu applications, although dual core cpus multi task better.

Nvidia nforce4 is the motherboard chipset of choice. Consider a motherboard from Asus or Msi.

Hope this helps.

Author:  bgclthe phr3ak [ Wed Nov 16, 2005 7:06 am ]
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For an apple guy, you sure do know your PCs. :)

Thanks, this does help. I was just worried that I would be missing out on something by not going the latest and greatest root.

I'll post when I get together with my computer contact and put the whole list together. I'll get him to look in to that motherboard while we're at it. He has some contact that can hook me up with some better pricing, but I'm not sure how complete the selection is to be. Fairly complete I believe.

I have to get the date I'm getting things sorted as I hae some holidays to take before the end of the year. Might as well spend them Quaking :D

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