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Strange problem with WinXP
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Author:  skraggy [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Strange problem with WinXP

I am posting this for the GF's mom.Her computor has a little problem,and thought I would run by the experts here to see if anyone has any ideas.

She has an E-machines comp bought at Cirquit City...AMD XP2800 with 512 of ram,WinXP...and the rest I am not sure of.

What is happening is when you go to shutdown the machine....Start/Turn off computor/Shutdown.It doesnt shut down.It does sorta....but the desktop is still there with all the icons,the mouse cursor still moves,but you cannot open anything,or get anything to respond.I updated her Norton and scanned....got rid of all spyware,updated windows CU's and drivers.Nothing changed.

She does alot of instant messaging,and uses Aol for her main mail client...also has Yahoo,and RR as mail clients.

She bought the extended warranty,but that only covers hardware problems.And they charge like $160 if the diagnos it and it is not a hardware problem.I did alot of digging around to see if I could find anything obviously wrong...and couldnt find anything that would fix this problem.

Anyone ever heard of such a thing,or have any other suggestions ?

Author:  +UB+_Rare Vos [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 2:13 am ]
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If all else fails, back up her data, and re-install the OS?

Author:  Hex [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 2:26 am ]
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agreed. fdisk format reinstall

You'll spend less time rebuilding it than trying to track down the crap that caused the problem. (the usage you describe of this machine specifies several likely problem children)

Plus, let them know that SOMETHING they installed caused this problem. After the user goes through the pain of reinstall, they'll be more careful what they click on... or at least maybe won't bother you anymore to fix it. :)

Author:  SPYDER [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 4:13 am ]
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Hey Skraggy:

If the person has any usb devices connected to the machine, try this:
my computer
device manager
universal serial bus controllers
usb root hub
power management

clear the box for:

allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

then click ok.

Author:  Buttmunch [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:53 pm ]
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Also check the event viewer in computer management for specific errors. Mine used to do that when a going-bad drive wouldn't flush the transaction log.

Author:  skraggy [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 2:09 pm ]
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Thanx for the replies guys.I will have her check that out spyder,and let you know what the outcome is.If thats not it,Then We are probably looking at a reformat.

Just saw your reply also BM....will have to probably go over there and check that one myself.

Author:  Commander Keen [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 7:12 pm ]
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I agree with Vick I would look at the event log and try to determine what's not responding.

I would also download. . .

Sybot S&D


Ad Aware

. . .make sure you download all the updates. I usually run Spybot first and let it clean and re scan until it finds no more. Then run Ad Aware and scan and reboot and scan until it finds no more.

Be cautious about the reload option since it's not your computer you don't want your GF's mom pissed at you cause you lost her Internet favorite or some file you over looked in your backup process.

Author:  Commander Keen [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 7:15 pm ]
Post subject: 

Also make sure her virus software is. . .

1. present

2. running

3. is up to date on definitions (DATS)

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