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Buying a new system soon...
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Author:  dmschaos [ Thu Jun 21, 2007 10:53 pm ]
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Powersmoker, can you fix your avatar? If not I can set a default one for you. Thx.

Author:  powersmoker [ Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:15 pm ]
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Set a deffault, tnx.

Author:  Doktor Jones [ Fri Jun 22, 2007 12:17 am ]
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If I were you I wouldnt spend so much on a videocard. Just by one for around 100 dollar, those have the best performance for the money. Be sure to buy a directx 10 card, wait a few weeks for the Ati 2600xt cards for example.
400 dollar for a videocard is absurd IMO. In two and a half years it's worth 60.
Mobo is and proc are pretty expensive too, you can save another 200 on them.[/quote1182466261]
I disagree about the video card. Yes it will be practically worthless in two and a half years... but a $100 video card will be worthless in a year at the current rate. The best $100 will get you right now is an X1650 or a 6800GS, both with only 256MB of memory. While this is passable right now, the way things are going, texture memory is going to be the bottleneck on upcoming games and a 256MB card will choke.

~$250 will get you a 7950GT with 512MB GDDR3 memory (watch out for slower GDDR2 on cheaper cards), or an X1950XT (cheaper X1950's are clocked slower and/or have fewer pixel pipelines). For most gamers, this is probably a happy medium between ultra-high-end performance and a decent budget.

Sure the mobo and processor are expensive. If you want anything worth a damn for gaming, they're going to be. You might be able to trim about $50 by going with the E6400 (don't know it's OC capabilities, but $50 is $50). I saw a demo of the 680i chipset when it was launched, and it does perform amazingly well over its contemporary counterparts (at least as far as chipset upgrades go) - thus, I think it's worth a little extra to get a board that features this chipset.

Settle for Medium graphics (believe me, the exitement of graphics fade rapdidly) Save money on your pc and spend it on things that are really worth it, and will LAST. For instance buy a nice flat panel and a good 5.1 system.[/quote1182466261]

The excitement of ultra-high graphics today will fade rapidly. But the disappointment of having to run ultra-low graphics a year from now will set in rapidly too. Most people don't like spending money on computers every couple of years, but it's a necessary evil if you're a gamer. If you short yourself on hardware when you buy the upgrade, you'll be kicking yourself later when you have to turn down the settings on the new games to "asstastic"... and you'll probably keep stringing yourself along saying "I can make it a little longer before I upgrade again", suffering with crappy game performance until you finally do cave in and upgrade.

Upgrading/rebuilding a system isn't about saving money, nor is it about building a system that will last forever. The proper goal when upgrading or rebuilding a computer should be (imho) to balance price, performance, and longevity. The importance of each factor differs for everyone, but some sort of balance should be maintained or else you're just throwing away money - whether it's on a crappy system that will be obsolete four months from now, or on insanely expensive hardware that will plummet in price four months from now.

[quote1182466261=powersmoker]Also a good thing would be to wait for a game you really want to play (that you actually have tested), and by a pc that can handle it on med to high. Look for benchmarks on that game.

I'd agree with this. If you have a pulse, you're probably interested in Enemy Territory... make sure your system meets or exceeds the recommended specs for ET:QW (or Crysis, or whatever game strikes your fancy), and you should be happy for at least a year or two :)

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