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Paid DLC from what used to be id Software
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Author:  Finko [ Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Paid DLC from what used to be id Software

Bethesda is just burning the legend of id software to the ground....

What a goddamn shame. A company built on share-ware, free point releases, SDK's and community mods/maps. The reason Q3 even has a pulse nearly 17 years after it's release.

"Here's 3 multiplayer maps, now pay us" - Bethesda

I would love to hear Carmacks thoughts on this.

Snapmap is fun, but it's a fucking joke honestly. Nothing in snapmap can be played with the MP version of the game or the SP version of the game. It's it's own system. It's crippled to the point of hilarity if you try to consider an actual SP level. An actual user made campaign is not even possible. They're trying desperately to recover from the terrible MP and snapmap releases. The last update was nice and loaded with additional content, but filled with bugs.

I do not have high hopes for Quake Champions if they're just going to shoulder out the community maps and charge everyone for their DLC content post release. If the DOOM release is any indication, I foresee a ranked system with no room for user created content and I'll be saying no thanks.

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