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Author:  Finko [ Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:46 pm ]
Post subject:  DOOM!

Thoughts? I may need a new rig.

Author:  SPYDER [ Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

My PC:
AMD Athlon II 635 quad core at 2.9 Ghz
MSI AM3 (not AM3+) mobo (AM3+ would have given me more room for upgrade to better cpu)
16 GB Kingston Hyper X DDR3 1600 ram (four 4 Gig modules)
OCZ 600 watt modular power supply
Sapphire AMD HD 7850 GPU with 1Gb DDR5 ram (upgrade from original AMD HD 5770 card)
Acer 23 inch LED 1080P monitor running at 1920 by 1080 native resolution
Cooler Master Hyper 212 cpu heat sink and fan
Using onboard sound
Rosewill Challenger ATX mid tower case with front panel SATA port, 2 USB ports and Audio out and in ports
Seagate 2 TB (for Win 7 Pro 64 bit install)
Seagate 1 TB (for Win 7 Home Premium 32 bit install)
Maxtor IDE 200 GB (for misc file storage)
Samsung 120 GB SSD (for storage of 32 bit Origin games for faster loading - I am presently re evaluating it's value to me for this function)
Triple boots to Win XP 32 bit Home, Win 7 32 bit Home Premium, and Win 7 64 bit Professional.

Even though this pc is about 6 years old, I have no problem running recent games. I do not know what the future holds but for now it is doing everything I want it to do with over 230 games on steam, and about 15 on Origin, plus Q3, Quake Live, and COD4.

In all, with all of the upgrades I have done, My best guess is that I have less than $900.00 tied up in this PC, that started out as a $600.00 build (minus the monitor that was on sale for around $120.00)
Almost all of the parts were carefully chosen to take advantage of New Egg sales. If you are patient, these sales will save a ton of money.

It will run Far Cry 3 with no problems. I did have some issues with Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light with frame rates (I made some adjustments and was able to finish both at lower settings), but the new redux releases seem to have helped a lot in this respect.

ARK, the new early access game on Steam would not run. The developers have been making at least daily updates for optimization, and now I can run it on medium settings with decent frame rates. It uses the latest Unreal engine.

I would highly recommend Win 7 64 bit Professional as an operating system. I have found that it has the best compatibility for older games.

Please visit my Wordpress Blog http://www.theoldgamer.com

Author:  Commander Keen [ Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

Hey Jason!!!

Yes this new DOOM looks amazing. I love how their seems to be location damage as in the part you hit can be blown off in chunks. Limbs can be ripped off, or that may be the death animation sequence in single player campaign, All and all so many things to see in the trailers I have to keep replaying them.

Oh yes, and the chainsaw actually cuts where you came into contact with the enemy. Unlike Gears Of War which just cuts away to a generic animation sequence every time.

Author:  SPYDER [ Sat Jun 20, 2015 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

This is a must buy title for me, no mater what the cost might be.

It looks like id Software might be rising from the ashes of the Bethesda takeover after all !

Amazing gameplay and graphics !

I just hope that the pc version doesn't have the issues that Rage had when it was released.

I guess that it is not being called Doom 4 or Doom because their potential player base probably never played the original Doom series - lol.

If I have to upgrade or even build a new system to run it, so be it ! ;D

Author:  Finko [ Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

The snap map feature looks amazing!! The new Deathmatch doesn't look terrible either. Looking forward to a ton of new single player content from the community, with how easy snap map looks. I just hope snap map is ready to ship with the game isn't packaged as some addon with a point release 3 months after the game is released.

Author:  Commander Keen [ Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

I love the video that has all the crowd reactions. Watching it just now for the 5th time I noticed 2 things I didn't pay attention to before.

1. The gun has interchangeable functionality
2. Health and armor aren't laying around the map, it comes from monsters that you kill

Author:  Commander Keen [ Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

And just while I was typing that I noticed another thing I hadn't before in the multi player part of it.

I do believe I saw a rail gun or a blue lightning bolt of some kind that he shot at a guy

Finko's gonna get after some snap-map!

Author:  Finko [ Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

Watching the movie Doom (with The Rock) and I think the graphics are better in the new game than this movie.

Author:  LiViD [ Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

Geez, my wallet got bruises just watching this footage. Nice Vids Commander Keen. Anyone know if it's true if Trent Reznor is overseeing the music again? Kinda sounded like it.

Author:  satori [ Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

Hi All!

I just caught up on the E3 videos for Doom 4.

Looks like a hi-def version of Classic Doom with multiplaye Quake 3 Arena thrown in.
AND it includes map building tools!

By the time it does come out, I should have built a gaming rig for it :)


c u on the frag side


oops... didn't see this post, so I deleted mine and added to this one

have fun

Author:  Finko [ Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

Yes, hope to have a new rig by next April myself!

Author:  SPYDER [ Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

I just pre ordered the game on Steam!

Anyone else?

Author:  Finko [ Wed Feb 24, 2016 2:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

I might grab Fallout 4 first, but I'll definitely have DOOM day one.

Author:  Finko [ Fri May 27, 2016 3:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

So, who's playing? It's pretty damn intense. Really liking it.

Snapmap is a huge disappointment! It's so handcuffed, I can't even begin to complain enough.

Also playing Overwatch as Finko. Let me know if you guys are playing?

Author:  Hex [ Sat May 28, 2016 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DOOM!

Lovin' it!

DOOMx64 2016-05-15 11-52-34-26@8.jpg
DOOMx64 2016-05-15 11-52-34-26@8.jpg [ 35.5 KiB | Viewed 1833 times ]

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