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Thanks Spyder
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Author:  skraggy [ Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Thanks Spyder

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to call me last night,and jump online with me and make me realize that there is nothing wrong with my QL install. The server that you started last night felt great,like old times. Gameplay felt pretty smooth,except for the rockets.
On the rockets,to try to describe what they look like...If I was running and were to fire a rocket,I would see the rocket begin its trail in my periphial,so to my left or right,not from the gun as I am used to.And it would not travel to where I was aiming it,it was like they were time delayed.So if I were stepping to my right,and firing a rocket,it would hit target to the right of where I wanted it. Like I mentioned in the other post,almost like my ping was through the roof,I kinda noticed this with plasma last night also. But mg,sg,lg and rails were dead nuts.

I would assume that it may have been the new updates without restarting now that I think about it,that or my connection to the server that I was in in VA was bad or routed bad.

And yes,the LG was a bit leathal last night,they must have kicked the damage points up on it a bit compared to q3. I almost didnt want to use it cuz I felt like I was using a bfg or something of that caliber.

But,I just wanted to say thanks again,for taking the time. I will call you later in the week,and we will get together for lunch.

Take care,

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