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MS ergo keyboard over USB fails to allow Strafe-jumping
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Author:  BladeRunner [ Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:12 am ]
Post subject:  MS ergo keyboard over USB fails to allow Strafe-jumping

This was fairly confusing to troubleshoot. I had setup a quake machine for my father but the faster speed on the intel processor was too much for him so I shrunk the com hunk megs and maxed out the graphics to slow it down. I ended up taking the machine back into possession and was bringing up another machine to allow the kids to lan frag. I could not figure out why the player would stop running. I went so far as to reinstall Q3 and check the graphic driver settings but it had nothing to do with my earlier effort to slow it down. I noticed the runner was stopping each time I hit a strafe key. It was simply that in its new location the keyboard passed thru a USB adapter into the dell computer. My other machine does the exact same thing and it works fine. It was quite evident that using the PS2 native connection for the keyboard resolved it. Very strange and I wondered if anyone else has noticed this ?

Author:  skraggy [ Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MS ergo keyboard over USB fails to allow Strafe-jumping

First off,I would kick the hunkmegs back up to 255. And maxxing out the graphics on any newer machine shouldnt slow the game down,the machines of today can handle q3 without a hitch...unless you are running a P2 or P1 processor(oldschool).
I have never ran into the problem with the keyboard and movement or strafing.Strafing is more of a mouse thing IMO...run/turn/left-right/jump,thats what I have always used,I have no idea what the strafe binds would even do,never used them.And I will outrun most people I play against.
But,thats me using a optical trackball,inverted.

I have changed keyboards and went from the old school plug to usb,and never had to change anything either. You may want to look in your bios and make sure that usb keyboard and/or mouse is turned on.

I havent done much tweeking in quite a while,so I am going from memory,which is still there,but a tad rusty at times :)

Good luck

Author:  BladeRunner [ Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MS ergo keyboard over USB fails to allow Strafe-jumping

I put the hunkmegs back to 512 long ago. I had a friend over and we were fragging fine but because I had 'de-tuned' it when I gave it my father I kept thinking there was something that needed to be reset that I had forgotten. The chnge was that when it was moved upstairs the keyboard was routed thru the USB adapter.

Nope. I was simply that pressing two keys simultaneously could not be done over the USB port.

The movements are usually as follows:
1 - The player presses the forward key, preparing to make the first jump.
2 - Still keeping the forward key pressed, the player jumps, adding either the move left or the move right key
(which is where the strafe in strafe-jumping comes from). The strafe and jump keys must be pressed at the same time.
3 - To gain maximum speed, the player must now move the mouse smoothly to around a 45 degree (i.e., turn) in the direction of the strafe,
while still holding down the two aforementioned keys. This part is called airstrafing, which is responsible for increase in speed during the jump.
4 - For successive strafejumps, the player immediately jumps again on landing, swapping the direction of strafe as well as mouse motion.

Perhaps it is in the bios because it disallows #2 where both forward and left | right are pressed. Every other machine allows but simultaneously via any port.

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