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Author:  gndoc [ Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:40 am ]
Post subject:  Quakeworld MUST READ

Dear Gamers,
I would like to welcome you to give a game called quakeworld a try. I am part of a moderate North American Scene
of around 50 quakeworld players. In europe this game has a much larger scene, upwards of 400. The last big 1on1 tournament
had over 270 signups! The latest 4on4 league has 35 clans participating! This is quite a large scene internationally.
This game is fast, intense, and definitely for people who enjoy fragging. It is an oldie, but still a goodie. Many scenes
from netquake, quake2, quake3, quake4, and so on are small and mediocre. If these scenes combined, there would be much
more action and competition for ALL of us. The attraction to quakeworld above all other games is the physics of the client.
Anyone who plays this game is instantly hooked. The scene in general is active, so I would like to invite anyone and everyone
to consolidate into quakeworld. You may love the game you play, but you will love quakeworld even more. Many players from different
games have come and gone. But there is still a large group of people that play, and we would like it to grow even more.
If you would like to join our community and give this game a try, there are a few easy instructions to get going.

Visit http://www.quakeworld.nu and download "NQUAKE" which is the full quakeworld install.
Then goto http://q1dm.site11.com/q1paks.zip and download the map paks needed. Simply Extract these into c:\quake\id1.
For servers visit http://www.quakeservers.net or download "Qtracker".
Visit us on IRC for questions at irc.quakenet.org #qwrookie or #oclan

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