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 Post subject: Re: Red Dead Redemption
PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:27 am 
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BLOTTO wrote:
seems Split/Second has really pulled me away from this game.  ;D

What do you mean? You don't like that aspect of the game?


 Post subject: Re: Red Dead Redemption
PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:19 am 
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dmschaos wrote:
...I'm still spending so much time just running around shooting stuff and completing deeds and such. I'm barely in to the main quest line, but I like it so far.

hehe, i spent a lot of time in that big open area just to the north(?) of armadillo: just 'down' [to the left if you are coming from armadillo] from hanging rock.  you can usually bag a lot of different animals there.  i loathe the 'skinning' aspect of it though.  =(

i almost always use the skinning glitch: 'park' your horse right on top of the carcass - but leave enough of the carcass on the 'dismount' side so you can dismount right on top of it - dismount, hit the skin button [i *think* it is the triangle button?].  if you do it right you will not have to watch that gross skinning animation - this can be super helpful when you are in cougar/wolf/bear habitat.  i have been mauled by a cougar while being forced to watch that yucky skinning: as soon as the unskippable animation ended i died.  =(

so far that first 'act' is my favourite:  i actually miss a couple of the characters from that area.  i am just barely into the third act and have not done anything of significance there other than getting a new 'stranger' quest and sleeping/saving in the saloon.  =)

i have the feeling this game is going to be on the short lists of reviewers/gamers for 'game of the year' come december.  it will take a very strong game to beat this one for that title, i think.  i will admit i am very surprised at how much i have enjoyed just riding my horse through all the different places - i like to go 'off roading' and find stuff.  there is so much to do, so much to find, so many different things to occupy your time in the world.

i just wish i could go somewhere without having to rescue everybody's cart/horse/treasure-hunting wagon/wife and/or brother from being hanged, etc.  is the 'price' you pay for having high 'honour/fame' i guess - it really is not all bad, but it can get on your nerves when all you want to do is have a peaceful ride in the country.  =)

i do like the stagecoach defend/attack ones though.  and it always makes me laugh when i see some guy riding full tilt then pull on the reigns, jump off his horse and run to a tree/rock/open space and relieve himself.  haha i am laughing just thinking about  it.  =)

by any chance have you come across npcs out in the wilderness?  there is a very disturbing [to me at least] 'event' with two npcs - if you see it you will know what i am talking about.  it adds 'depth' to the world but it really is quite upsetting.  =(

i am playing on x360 but if anybody wants to clear out some gang hideouts i can pickup a ps3 copy.  there is a coop dlc being released in a couple of weeks - and it is supposed to be free.  that could be really fun, i think.  haha, my multiplayer character right now is not leveled up very much, but she is really funny - my favourite quote of hers... 'how come you only got one eyebrow?'  hehe i constantly hit 'b' to see what funny stuff she says.  =)

nostril martson

p.s.- sorry about the giant wall o' text.  =(

p.p.s- i *think* split/second is a new racing game?  blotto, out on the streets, leaving... um... skid marks.  :o

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