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bgmappakiilg 150x112 Viralis   BG Map Pak 2The level design team at Burial-Grounds collaborates for another custom Quake 3 map pak. It took over eight months of development before we could finally release the Viralis set of maps, but it was well worth the effort. A lot of emphasis was put in to the theme of this second project, incorporating the 5 elements of fire, water, wood, earth and metal. Each element battled another in the 5 maps, creating some truly unique environments to battle in. We even included an extra unannounced map that incorporated the “air” element.

Unfortunately not everyone from the original level design team was available to participate in our second project, Quint (BGMP1 – Galileus) was busy with real life. However, those big shoes were filled quite nicely by his replacement by Psion (BGMP6 – The Soremill). An extra effort was also put forth by Finko (BGMP3, BGMP7, BGMP9) who had to build two maps for the pak due to another mapper dropping out during development. Also chipping in with a really fun “easter egg” map was our resident head of promotion NECROSIS (BGMP0 – NECROCHAOS). The BMP0 map was not included in the readme or Quake 3 game menu. This space map was a collaborative effort started by NECROSIS but eventually modified and tweaked by other members of the team. It turned out to be a really fun map and a nice surprise for those who nosed around in the pak file.

bgmp5 1 150x112 Viralis   BG Map Pak 2I was and still am most proud of this effort by the community members. We all came together to create what I feel is one of the more quality community map pak releases for Quake 3. It may not suit the competitive gameplay style of the cpma or tournament crowds, but all the maps are great to look at and really fun to play in the traditional deathmatch style. Download link is below for anyone who has yet to try out the Viralis maps or those who just need to re-download for sake of nostalgia.

Viralis - bgmappakii (8293)

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