System Failure Flash Intro

This is the original flash file that was used on the index page on the day of the release of the Burial-Grounds Map Pak #1, (System Failure). Created by NECROSIS, with music by bIO, and a voice over by meep, this was icing on the cake for what turned out to be an awesome Quake 3 custom map pak. This intro to the System Failure map pak was also an intro to a complete redesign of the website. It’s amazing how much work went on behind the scenes of the burial-grounds map pak and website redesign. Watching this video reminded me of just how hard we all worked to bring it all to fruition. I can’t help but want to say thanks again for all the hard work and good times we had during this time period of the community. Great stuff!

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Download the System Failure Map Pak:
System Failure - bgmappak1 (28266)

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