System Failure – A BG Map Pak

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  • There is a LvL review of System Failure right here.
  • Quake Unity has over 17,900 downloads of System Failure.
  • File Planet has over 2,900 downloads of System Failure.
  • LvL has over 4,900 downloads of System Failure
  • We would follow up this 4 month project about a year later with Viralis, the Burial Grounds second community created map pak.

bgmpwp2 150x112 System Failure   A BG Map PakSystem Failure is a custom Quake 3 map pak created for the community. The pak contains four maps created specifically for the style of deathmatch played on the burialgrounds Quake 3 servers. Designed with 6 – 10 players in mind, each map is big, open, and full of fragging goodness. Custom textures and even unique music tracks created for each map added some polish not seen in most community created map paks of the day.

This map pak was truly a collective effort across the entire Burial-Grounds community. Mappers, musicians, artists, and beta testers all kicked in to create a great custom Quake 3 map pak. I found this note at the bottom of the original README file and thought it still held true today, so it seems fitting to also post it here:

Just wanted to use this space to thank all the mappers involved with this pak. Thanks for agreeing join this team, and for sticking it out for the long 4 month process! I cant say thanks enough to Mikey, who provided some of the best beta testing feedback I’ve ever seen! Thanks to Jax for putting the final product together! Thanks to NECROSIS for the kick ass promotion throughout the project, and the slick new logo for the Burial Grounds website! Most of all though, I want to thank the Burial Grounds Community! Without you, there is no map pak! It’s been a great run so far, and I can only hope it continues like this for many more years! Enjoy the pak every-one!

Check out the System Failure download right here:

System Failure - bgmappak1 (28263)

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