Psychophobia – (q3chaosdm3)

Additional Notes:

  • Psychophobia was reviewed by LvL with some positive comments all around. Check it out!
  • The legendary Pappy-R over at Planetquake reviewed Psychobphobia and gave it his Quake 3 Level of the Week award.

q3chaosdm3 150x112 Psychophobia   (q3chaosdm3)On November 29th, 2006 I released my second custom Quake 3 map, Psychophobia – (q3chaosdm3). My original intent for this map was for a more competitive tournament style of gameplay just like the one at P4R Gaming, however it seems like it’s more suited for a 3 – 4 player deathmatch. The visual style pays homage to my first love, Quake 2 by using the evil_lair texture set. I think the map plays very fast and furious, with bots playing particularly well due to my very hard work and diligence during this aspect of building process. I did make a mistake in the release notes by stating that there was no bot file, which is unfortunate. I hope people tried it with bots, they really do play well.

I’d love to hear if anyone is still playing Q3 and has this map running on their server. I never got much playing time with real players due to me releasing the map so late. There is a download link included in this post so you can download Psychophobia and hopefully get some enjoyment out of it.

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