Lava Tomb-HO (q3chaosdm2-ho)

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  • A nice review of Lava Tomb-HO can be read over at LvL.

q3chaosdm2 HO 150x112 Lava Tomb HO (q3chaosdm2 ho)Lava Tomb – High Octane was my first released custom Quake 3 map. After years of beta testing other peoples maps, running servers to host custom maps, and being involved in a few custom map pak releases, I figured it was time I tried my own hand at mapping. It took me several tires to get a map I felt confident in releasing, and this remake of Quake 2′s Lava Tomb just seemed to click. It’s a remake, but it’s also been modified a bit to suit the Quake 3 style of gameplay.

I made a few item placement changes, opened up some new paths to get around, and included bounce pads and accelerator pads to make movement easier and lava deaths less likely. Bots play the map really well. By the time I released q3chaosdm2-ho, there were not nearly as many Quake 3 servers kicking around, and certainly not too many custom map friendly ones, so good bot play was essential. Although I never played Generations Arena, I hear my map plays well in it, so if you are just checking this map out for the first time, it might be worth taking a look at the Generations Arena mod as well.. who knows?

Download Lava Tomb-HO here:
Lava Tomb - Q3chaosdm2-HO (2850)

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