Do You Quake Fu?

81653ss sm2 150x115 Do You Quake Fu?Quake Fu was one of greatest accomplishments directly attributed to a member of the community. When this video was released, people were still just dabbling with creating Quake 3 movies. Most movies at the time were merely trick shot videos of someone showing off his own railgun “skillz”. With a production value like none other at the time of it’s release, Felonious brought Quake 3 movie editing to a whole new level with Quake Fu.

Great soundtrack? Check! Good humor? Check! Trick shots? Check! Tricycle riding skeleton singing Megadeath? Check! Quake Fu had it all, and it still holds up today as one of the better community created Quake 3 movies to date.It was all about the game and the community that Felonious loved, and we will all live on forever in his epic production. Enjoy!

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If you would like to download the high resolution copy of Quake Fu as Felonious had intended you to view it, check it out here:

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